• Works INDOORS & outdoors


    Unlike standard child tracking products, our unique combination of electronics enables you to prevent your child from going missing under cover such as shopping centres, airports, events or even at home.

  • Out of Bounds alert


    Prevents your child going missing in the first place! If your child wanders beyond the set distance set by you on the app, an alarm will sound on your phone notifying you that your child has moved that exact distance away from your phone, allowing you to find him or her before becoming lost.

  • Follow the Arrow


    The arrow displayed on your phone will point directly towards your child no matter which direction they go.

  • Distance Display


    The distance displayed under the arrow will increase in meters as the child moves away from you or decreases as you move towards your child accurately to within a couple of meters.

  • Totally Waterproof


    The device is not just ‘water resistant’, it is ‘totally waterproof’. It has been designed to kids can swim whilst wearing it or any activity associated with moisture.

  • Google Maps

    This page is more useful for longer range location such as one street to the next or even as far as the other side of the planet. Yes! skynanny can locate whoever has the device to the exact address on the other side of the planet.

  • Easy to Charge

    No cords, no connections. Simply place the device on our Charging Pad and let it power up. You can charge it anywhere – at home, in the car or even on the run. It’s so easy.

  • Works worldwide

    skynanny is great for holidays. It can be used nearly anywhere in the world. There is no extra charge for using it in any country as the sim card fee is fixed. Australian Coverage Map

  • Robust

    The device is strong. We know what kids are like. So we have made it childproof.

  • Customer Support

    We are listening to you. Our Help Desk via phone or email is always there to offer you ‘one on one’ assistance whenever you need. Whether you have purchased, or just need to know more, we are here to help. If you don’t reach us immediately, don’t worry, we will get right back to you.

  • Gift Vouchers

    The ideal gift. Order a gift voucher and we will post it to whoever or wherever you choose in our special gift envelope. The voucher covers purchase price as well as postage and handling.

  • Accessories

    One of the biggest questions is – ‘Where do we put the device?’ We supply a range of convenient accessories for the device to go on the child.