General Enquiries

Can we purchase a skynanny device from a retail store?
No, the skynanny device is only available for purchase through our website.
When I buy a skynanny, what comes in the box?
A skynanny device, charging pad for recharging your device and detailed instructions.
If we need support, can we contact skynanny?
Yes, you can email us at info@skynanny.net or call our support line on 1300SKYNANNY (1300 7596 2669).
Are there any on-going costs?
Yes. The device contains a sim card which once activated costs AUD $9.90 per month for network access.
Is there a contract with the monthly fee?
Yes, the contract is for 12 months and can be renewed. skynanny will send you a reminder email one month prior to contract end.
Is skynanny really the most unique locating device in the world?
Yes. There is no device with our features in the world, which is something we’re proud of.
So skynanny can be used on anything?
Yes. Uses of this device are only limited by your imagination.

skynanny locating device

Is the device waterproof?
Yes, the device is 100% waterproof to a depth of 9 metres.
Is the device capable of being dropped or knocked?
Yes, the device is robust and can withstand being dropped or knocked, making it child proof
Is the electronics in the device harmful to Children being so close to their skin?
No. It has been government approved and is safe for children to wear.
How easy is it to charge the device?
Simply place the device on the charging mat and leave it to charge. It will only take 5 hours to fully recharge.
How long will the battery last without charge?
If you were locating within Bluetooth range (short range), it will last up to 60 hours However, when the device is using GSM and GPS (long range) it will last up to 2 hours if you are actively tracking on the minimum settings . By using a managed combination of User settings, Automatic device settings and Geofences a device can stay active for a child’s day at school.
Will the device work at night?
Yes, the device will work at all times of day.
Does the Device lose power while not in use?
The device shuts down to the minimum power it needs to use in each operating mode. This is the main difference between skynanny and most conventional GPS tracking devices. It saves the battery as much as it can until it is needed. If a skynanny device is new out of the box or has been turned off by the app, then once it is switched on, it will be ready to connect with your mobile phone within a minute.
Can you switch the device off?
No. The switch on the device is an on switch but not an off switch. It is used to turn the device on when the customer first unpacks it. It is possible to also use it as a complete turn off switch as well but the current plan was to use it only for turn on and to allow it to pair with the phone. We thought it would not be a good idea to have a switch that could be knocked and inadvertently turn the device off when it was in use. It would also give an abductor a simple way to disable it. So some discussion required around this. You can use the app to shut it down if you need to turn it off complete, say to take it on a plane.
Can we use the device overseas?
Yes, the device is a worldwide locating device. As long as the Country has a GSM or 3G network it will work. For example, the device could be in London and you can pinpoint its location on our skynanny app from Australia.
Can we take the device on an aeroplane?
Yes, you can take it on a domestic or overseas flight provided you use the App to turn it off first. This is no different to needing to turn off your mobile phone or putting it in flight mode before take-off. Placing it on charge will turn the device back on.
Can I track the device on an aeroplane/ship?
No the device cannot be tracked while on an aeroplane or ship. The device uses the mobile phone network to send information which is not available on an aeroplane / ship.
Does the GPS feature work inside a building / shopping center / school ?
No. The GPS system doesnt work inside buildings so the last position shown on the map would be at the entrance to the building. The bluetooth proximity feature will still work, but the map wont update while you are inside a building.
What happens if my device is stolen?
Use your skynanny app through your mobile phone to identify its location. You may wish to involve your local police. If your device switched off at the time it is stolen you will not be able to activate the GPS to be able to track it with your mobile phone.
Where do we place the device on our child?
We supply a zipped clothing pocket with the device. The clothing pocket has button holes so you can sew buttons on the inside of all items of clothing you wish to use it on. The device can be placed in the zipped clothing pocket which can be moved from garment to garment. We also supply a lanyard with a protective safety buckle if you wish for your child to wear it like a necklace. Our skynanny belt holsters can be used in a variety of ways, even on shoes!

skynanny app

What type of phones does the skynanny app work on?
iOS iPhone and Android smartphones with compass features if you have an older (2yrs) phone please check with Customer Service first.
Is the app free?
The app is free to download from the iTunes app store and Google Play.
Can we download the app if we don’t have a skynanny locating device?
Yes you can, however the app locating tab only works when you have purchased a skynanny device and activated it. Once your skynanny account has a device listed you can get access to the locate tab.
Can you set a range alert giving you notification if the device leaves a boundary set by you?
Yes. The skynanny device has a range alarm feature. The range alarm is set using the skynanny app on your mobile phone. You can nominate the distance at which you will receive the notification. If your skynanny device moves beyond the range set it will activate an alarm. Our Geofencing on our web platform has notifications too!
Is there a reading on the app showing battery power of the device?
Yes, its similar to battery power signal on any mobile phone.
Is my data protected?
Yes, data protection is regulated according to Government law.
What outside influences will affect the app?
Phone covers with magnetic inserts may affect the navigation on the app.
Will the app shut down if my phone rings?
Yes. A phone call takes precedence.
How many individual skynanny apps can pair with a device?
As many as you wish. However, only one app will be able to detect a device within Bluetooth (short) range at any one time. If a skynanny device goes to tracking mode (GPS active) then all apps connected to your skynanny account will be able to locate your skynanny device.