Mr Petch accepting the I-Award from Minister Philip Dalidakis MP

It may not be your typical caped crusader but a new Victorian designed and manufactured electronic device that helps prevent children from becoming separated from their parents has become a super hero.


Mornington (Victoria) based has again received an I-Award.

This time in the “Consumer” Category at the 2016 Victorian State iAwards presented at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne on Wednesday night, June 29, 2016 by the Victorian Minister of Innovation Mr. Philip Dalidakis MP (pictured with Mr Petch below) after last year receiving the same I-Award in the “New Product” category. will now represent Victoria at the Australian I-Awards to be held on September 1. 

The I-Awards recognise businesses at the cutting edge of technological innovation across all sectors of the digital economy. is a child location device the size of a business card that fits snugly within’s accessories inside a child’s clothing. Linked to a mobile web based app, it allows a parent to locate their child within minutes should they become lost, but what is even better… can prevent a child from becoming lost in the first place.

With a catch cry of “Never lose your child again”, is designed to give parents greater peace of mind when out in public with their children.

The product idea was created by Mornington based Jason Petch, who experienced the severe anxiety of being separated briefly from his daughter at the beach in January, 2011.

Mr Petch, himself, was also abducted as a six-year-old child in 1977 exactly a year after the disappearance of his childhood friend Eloise Worledge only a few street away from his home. Eloise regretfully has never been found.

“The combination of these events had a profound impact on me. It triggered a burning desire to find a solution that would prevent my daughter from going missing again. After researching the internet, I couldn’t find any type of child tracking device for my daughter. So I decided to Research and Develop one myself. Hence has become a multi-award winning solution for parents that can also prevent a child from going missing in the first place” Mr Petch said.

“I did the research and the statistics are horrifying. Last year in Australia, nearly 20,000 children were reported missing. Sadly, not every situation ends happily.

“Only a parent knows that gut-wrenching, sickening feeling of panic when you think you may have lost your child – even one minute can feel like a lifetime.”

While there is no substitute for being a good parent, acts as a secondary parenting tool, which helps to keep families together in busy public places. “A bit like an insurance policy” Mr Petch added

When asked how it felt to be the creator of a back to back I-Award winning product, Mr Petch says “Over five years of intense research, development and high cost has gone into and the sheer recognition we receive again with the back to back I-Awards are vindication of our commitment as a team to have created a solution that parents can take advantage of at low cost. So yes, we are very proud” has GPS tracking, internet communications via 3G, Bluetooth Smart Device communications and Qi Wireless Charging, all working together over a surface area the equivalent of a business card. This was extremely challenging.

device“This means the device can work equally well, outdoors and indoors, such as in a shopping centre, cinema or airport.”

The key usability function of is the arrow and distance function that allows the user to follow and arrow which points at the child with a distance in meters under the arrow displaying how far you are away from him or her. It also allows the parent to set a boundary in meters on their phone. If the child moves beyond that set distance, the parent’s phone will alarm and in turn prevent the child going missing at all. The app also has google maps for the longer range location as well as Geographical fencing by which a parent can set a big boundary….such as a school.

The device is also uniquely waterproof meaning kids can swim whilst wearing it.

Given the purpose of the device is to protect its wearer, the security system is deliberately complex.

“It consists of three layers of data encryption, three randomly generated decryption keys and a firewall, plus the device itself will only activate after it is paired with the exactly matched app account”, explained Mr Petch

While the purpose of technology is to make life easier, simpler or better, every once in a while something new comes along that has the capacity to go beyond the day-to-day comfort and convenience that modern technology provides and truly impact life in an extraordinary way.

There are also a range of alternate applications the product can be utilised for such as asset tracking, elderly, pets and the disadvantaged. “They have all been very popular” Mr Petch added.

But Mr Petch is committed to the child safety space and further development of the product will reflect same. has also been recognised globally with high level interest generated from countries such as UAE, China, India, UK, New Zealand amongst others with plans to distribute globally in the pipeline.

“I believe has both the opportunity and potential to make the world a better place; a safer place for children and a more certain place for parents and the best part is…..its designed and manufactured here in Australia” Mr Petch added.

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Award winners!

Award Winners at the recent Victorian I-Awards. The Victorian Government Innovation Award has shown how the Sky product creates impact in the child safety sector globally. Years of technological and electronic design has now proven Sky to be a market leader providing a solution for an ever growing concern.