The Story and Evolution of skynanny

The skynanny concept came about in 2011. Founder of skynanny Jason Petch devised a plan to make a product to help parents avoid the anguish of a lost child experience, after he himself was kidnapped as a child in 1978.

Faced with the terror of losing sight of his daughter whilst at the beach when she was 2 years old, Jason realised that this situation was all too common and an experience that could be avoided.

So he set about creating a product to help prevent a child go missing when out and about.

There was a simple vision – to create a product that was small enough for convenience yet highly technologically advanced to allow parents to have accurate and regular positional updates when the device was in use.

This cutting edge technology required four years of development.

skynanny was awarded the prestigious iAWARDS Victoria Merit Recipient for New Product in 2015 and again in  2016 iAwards Victorian Merit Recipient Consumer Award

We now bring to the globe our unique Australian Made secondary parenting tool which will bring every parent and carer peace of mind – having a tool that can prevent your child from ever becoming lost, knowing that you are able to locate your child’s whereabouts in the event they become lost.

Jason is very  proud of the skynanny team and it’s Award Winning product. We hope you are too.